Dispute Resolution & Litigation

We are experts at resolving disputes and managing conflict. We also happen to be peacemakers.

For us, litigation is always the option of last resort. In our experience, there are very few disputes where the first step should be anything other than trying to reach a sensible outcome. Our proactive approach to resolving disputes means clients rarely find themselves in a courtroom, or even having to file a court claim.

We often also provide strategic conflict management advice which is designed to prevent a brewing conflict from escalating into a potential dispute.

Our Dispute Resolution Rules

At Donovan Winkler we operate by the following rules:

  1. Be Commercial: We are not going to recommend that you launch or defend expensive legal proceedings if, commercially, the numbers don’t add up. No one likes to walk away, but sometimes it is your best move. If we see a way to reach an early commercial resolution, we will let you know.
  2. Be Methodical: We take the more mundane aspects of litigation, like carefully and methodically reviewing documents and recording evidence, seriously. The devil is often in the detail. We have to know your case to properly represent you.
  3. Fight hard but fair: We work hard to achieve the best outcome possible for you, and we fight fair. We deal with our oppoentent honestly and with courtesy. We are responsive and don’t see the point in adopting delaying tactics.

Our Litigation & Dispute Resolution Experience

Sometimes it is not possible to avoid litigation.

Our litigation lawyers have represented clients in the Supreme Court, District Court, Magistrates Court, Federal Court, and the High Court of Australia, as well as other tribunals such as the Queensland Civil & Administrative Tribunal and the Fair Work Commission.

Our lawyers have represented clients in relation to:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Professional negligence (including architects, engineers, lawyers, brokers, and financial advisors)
  • Consumer protection litigation
  • Fraud
  • Defamation
  • Unfair Dismissal
  • Insolvency
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