Churches & Religious Institutions

Our passion is to enable churches and faith based institutions to effectively walk out their mission and tackle the increasingly complex legal and regulatory environment in which they are called to operate.


Our services are tailored around providing churches with the expertise that they most commonly need. Our directors have over 15 years experience assisting faith based institutions and aim to be effective and affordable advisors in this space.


We bring our whole hearts and minds to bear in staying deeply connected with legislative and policy developments both nationally and across the States, helping clients “on the ground” with a range of legal services, including:

  • Risk and compliance
  • Church structuring & incorporation
  • Governance
  • Asset holding strategies
  • Property transactions
  • Tax and duty concessions and exemptions;
  • Denominational entities
  • Care arms
  • Dispute resolution
  • Property developments
  • Inter-entity agreements & loans
  • Leasing & licensing
  • Company secretarial services
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